Shanghai Tower, Shanghai, China

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First of all, I love running my own company along with my mom, Kate, who has been in the art business for over 12 years! At Luxe Fine Art, we work to assist our clients in building their fine art collections. I'm also an artist and I love to create contemporary works.

Miami Beach, Florida, USA

I'm passionate about life, my family, adventure, people, traveling, the great outdoors, music, colors, language, missions, sports, learning, and creating art!

Rough Ridge, North Carolina, USA

Here at the Smart Art Museum at the University of Chicago with an original Mark Rothko painting. One of my favorite artists!

Chicago, Illinois, USA

My family is my world! My little sister is Madeline, and we're pretty perfect opposites. But Kate, Madeline, and I are definitely best friends! Here's a photo of the three of us in Singapore.

Family Business Trip to Singapore

Newsom, North Carolina, USA

I come from a family of water bugs. We're good and happy with all sports and activities on the water!

My entire family is adventurous. I was so happy because they went skydiving with me for my 23rd birthday. Three of my siblings and, yes, both of my parents jumped!

North Carolina, USA

One of our many airport goodbyes! Thankfully they're temporary.

Greensboro Airport, North Carolina, USA

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

One of my favorite things about traveling is getting to know such awesome people from countries all over the world.

Here I am with some of my favorite friends. We're from the USA, the Netherlands, Germany, and Canada.

With friends, I get to do such awesome things in their home countries!

Motorcycling around Copenhagen for the day.

Copenhagen, Denmark

My name, kinda, on the Berlin wall!


How are waterfalls so mesmerizing?!

Schaffhausen Rheinfall, Switzerland

Berlin, Germany

The historic castle and palace complex of the Hungarian kings in Budapest.

Buda Castle, Budapest, Hungary

Fishing for North Atlantic cod in the incredibly stunning Faroe Islands!

Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands

A photo of me taking a photo of the breathtaking scenery.

Faroe Islands

Exploring villages and views.

This is the Andante! My floating home for three months while friends and I sailed up and down the Rhine River, serving the local communities and churches along the way.

Rhine River, Mannheim, Germany

Shanghai, China

"Flowering Life"

Found an over-sized chair at a design center in Shanghai! So big. So cozy.

Shanghai, China

Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kate and I being swallowed by amazing colors!

Ft. Myers Beach, Florida, USA

South for the holidays! Always thankful for my family.

My friend and I pointing to our homes on the map.

So far, I've explored 33 U.S. States and 34 nations around the world.

Pilot Mountain, North Carolina, USA

Subang Jaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

There's so much life to look back on and so much life to look forward to.

Onward and upward!

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Love, Lexie

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